200ml Dophin Anti-Chlorine SPECIAL


The Dophin Anti-Chlorine SPECIAL is a newly developed German fish medicine used to improve the aquarium water quality by removing all the harmful gases from the water. It is economic, safe and non-toxic to aquarium plants and fish even when excessively used.

The Anti-Chlorine is used to condition ordinary tap water for aquariums and ponds.


During water changes
Setting up a new aquarium/Aquaponics or fish pond
When fish show signs of chlorine, chloramine, or heavy metal poisoning
Fresh and saltwater aquariums

Chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals are extremely poisonous to fish. These chemicals and metals are found in our ordinary tap water from our municipality supply. These chemicals are much less harmful to humans than to fish. It is vitally important, with any brand of anti-chlorine, to de-chlorinate the water before the water is added to the aquarium or pond to reduce the chances of contact between the fish and these harmful chemicals.

In Municipal water, chlorine and chloramines are added to the water to destroy the bacteria and to make the water safe for human consumption. The concentration of chlorine in the water is approximately 0.5ppm. Concentrations as little as 0.05ppm are toxic to aquarium life. Not only does the chlorine damage the tissue of the fish’s gills, but it also has a detrimental effect on the biological filter. The combination of these effects is what cause fish deaths, after having introduced chlorinated water into the system, without using a formula to remove these toxins.

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