Bio-Vital 200g


The ultimate bio booster and water conditioner for ponds, freshwater and marine fish water. It works by removing sediments and suspended solids, that deplete oxygen from the water. Eliminating rotting solids from your pond, freshwater or marine aquarium increases oxygen for fish. Biovital is comprised of more than a dozen healthy bacteria, various growth promoting enzymes as well as zeolite and mentorlike clay. The unique bio formula increases the survival rate of all living organisms in the water. This 200g formula can treat up to to 4000 litres of water effectively.

* Suitable for ponds, freshwater and marine aquariums
* Removes sediment and increases oxygen
* Adds minerals to water and stabilises pH
* Eliminates harmful nitrate
* Enhances biological filtration process

Dosage: 1 tablespoon / 100 litres weekly

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