Flying Disc


Rogz Flying Object Dog Throwing Disc

Rogz Flying Object (RFO) is one of the best frisbee discs out there with unrivaled design features.

UFOs sink but RFOs float, which is perfect for the game of aqua-fetch, provided your furry pal knows how to swim.

Rogz RFOs are by no means indestructible but the one part car tyre in the material mix makes sure the RFO stands the test of time travel.

The revolutionary space holes ensure that the RFO flies in a steady flight path, the envy of any airline pilot.

The RFO is also easy to pick up.

Even older dogs with stiff joints and false teeth will get lucky and the bath sponge and bubble gum material makes it perfectly comfortable for mouth-catching without knocking out your canine’s canines.

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