Monty and Me Cat food 5kg


Deliciously Nutritious Food for Adult Cats

Monty & Me is a delicious, well-balanced food that’s got everything your best bud needs to stay healthy and happy!


SAFE SOUND & FIT AS A FIDDLE – Antioxidants for immune support – perfect for keeping kitty immune systems healthy and strong.
EAR TO EAR AND NOSE TO TOES – Animal and vegetable proteins, cereals, fats, vitamins and minerals keep your pal in tip-top condition.
HAPPY TUMMY, HAPPY CAT – Added prebiotics and fibre from dried beet pulp helps your kitty’s digestion and promotes overall health.
HELLO GORGEOUS – Linoleic acid, an Omega-6 fatty acid helps promote healthy skin and a shiny, silky coat.
SAY CHEESE – Crunchy kibble assists in fighting plaque and tartar, brushing teeth to keep them clean and healthy for a winning smile.

Corn*, poultry meal, wheat bran, rice, corn gluten, animal fat, fish meal, brewer’s yeast, beet pulp, fish oil, acidifiers, salt, minerals, vitamins, taurine, L-Lysine and DL-Methionine

*May contain GMO’s.

NUTRITIONAL: Vitamin A 10 000 IU, Vitamin D3 775 IU, Vitamin E 75 IU, Vitamin C 50 mg/kg, potassium chloride 4 g, zinc sulphate 75 mg, iron sulphate 80 mg, copper sulphate 5 mg, manganese sulphate 5 mg and potassium iodide 1.3 mg;
PRESERVATIVES: Approved antioxidants.
SENSORY: Palatability meat-based enhancers.

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