Tetra Discus 300g/100ml


Tetra Discus is suitable for many aquarium fish such as Barbs, Cichlids, Angelfish, larger Tetras and Discus. feeding prima will suit fish that prefer to feed from food in the water column, rather than from the surface. Tetra Discus provides these fish with all of their nutritional requirements and is especially good at bringing out their colours, it is also an excellent food for bottom feeding fish, and can be particularly useful where a large number of bottom feeders are kept. Optimally adapted to the special dietary requirements of Discus with regard to colour, shape and formula contains all essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements The slowly sinking food suits the species-appropriate feeding habits of Discus No risk of disease transmission by pathogens compared to frozen food promotes well-being, naturally intense colouring and growth Stabilised vitamin C increases resistance to disease, promotes healthy growth and prevents nutrition-related deficiency symptoms 2576/2578

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