Tetra Pond Crystal water 250ml


Get crystal clear tank water. This product works by means of binding the dirt particles in larger clumps making it easier to remove manually. This product cannot be used to combat floating algae (green water) and it can also not be used in accordance with tackle algae.

Specified method of use:
Use the Tetra Pond 6 in 1 test kit first before treatment is to commence to determine the hardness of the water.
Carbonate hardness of the water must be above 3°dH
Mix the required amount (50ml to every 1,000 litres) of pond water and distribute evenly over the pond
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use in combination with treatments other than those manufactured by Tetra.
Dispose of this material and its container to a hazardous or special waste collection point.

Pond length x Average width x Average depth (in metres) = cubic metres Multiply by 1,000 to get the volume of the pond in litres
With the dosing, cup add 50ml to every 1,000 litres of pond water

Shake well before use:
When used as directed, Tetra Pond treatments will not harm animals drinking from, or bathing in the pond.
As most diseases are caused by poor water quality, we strongly recommend testing the water with Tetra Pond water test kits.
Good water quality will prevent future problems and increase the chance of recovery.

If the reading is too low, simply increase the carbonate hardness before use. This can be done with a partial water change, or by adding substances to increase it.

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