Tetra Pond Sediment Minus 300ml


Tetra Pond Sediment Minus 300ml

Cleaning the base of the pond is a heavy task, which requires lots of efforts. Either you have to spend a lot of money or use your hands to clean the dirty sludge at the base of the aquarium. A clean pond not only helps the fish to thrive beautifully in life but also gives you a crystal clear view of the scenic underwater life. This is why we bring you the effective and easy to use Tetra Pond Sediment Minus 300ml. Formulated to remove the sludge at the base of the pond, the Tetra Pond Sediment Minus reduces your efforts to maintain the attractive look of your pond.

By actively breaking down the organic silt and sludge, this pond cleaning solution prevents the accumulation of dirt and debris at the base. With the help of active bacteria and enzymes, this Tetra Pond solution helps you keep the bottom of the pond free from sludge and silt. This process ensures the restoration of biological balance in the pond. This pond sludge cleaner improves the water clarity, hence enhancing the water quality.

Sludge takes up the valuable oxygen, which is ideally meant for fish and plants, resulting in a worsened water quality. This Tetra solution prevents the turbidity of the water by influencing the oxygen content in the water. It helps improve limpidness and prolongs cleaning intervals. The Tetra Pond Sediment Minus has an immediate and long-term effect and is particularly advisable in cases of much foliage in the pond and high fish stocking. It is advised to use 30ml for every 4000 litres of pond water.

Product Benefits

  • Helps improve water clarity as well as quality and is completely safe for fish, plants and wildlife
  • Contains active bacteria and enzymes that help reduce maintenance efforts
  • Helps keep the base of the pond clean by reducing the build-up of organic sludge
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