Tetramin Holiday 30g


Tetramin – Holiday Food For Tropical Fish – 30g

Existing plaster blocks are old school technology that can wreak havoc on your water quality. Tetras innovative gel feeder blocks contains no plaster and fish can feed from five days with the 24g Tetra Weekend, or to up to 14 days with the Tetra Vacation 30g. Blended with patented ProCare for optimal health. Please Note. All our product brands carry a 100% money back guarantee should your pet show any negative symptoms following eating, or should there be a problem with the quality of the food. The only catch you must still have the original packaging bag so that the manufacturer is able to pick up the batch number and any other necessary information.

What’s in the box:
x 1 Holiday Food For Tropical Fish

– Tetras feeders provide real nutrition to fish when they need it.
– Allows fish to eat when hungry vs. plaster feeders that dissolve.
– Packed with Tetras patented, health enhancing ProCare ingredients.
– Will not pollute water or negatively effect water quality.
– Gel blocks may be left in the aquarium when regular feeding is resumed.


– Size: 30g
– Weight: 0.03kg
– Warranty: Based on manufacturing defects
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